Sales and Use Tax Certificate

(State Resale Certificate)

Apply for a tax registration for a new business entity.

You are required to register for a Sales and Use Tax Certificate (State Resale Certificate) if you plan to purchase or rent items, property or services tax-free.

Accepted purchases and rentals exempt from Sales and Use Tax:

  • Any purchase you make that will be resold or rented.
  • Items that will be incorporated into a product you will sell (example: materials that will be used to make jewelry).
  • In Florida, wholesale companies require a Sales and Use Tax Certificate. Nearly all reputable wholesale companies will require your Sales and Use Tax Certificate prior to selling to you at discounted prices.
  • Third-Party Services.
  • Rentals.

You are required to register your business before you begin any business activity.

When purchasing the services below, your assistants will register your business with the Florida Department of Revenue. Once registered, you will receive your certificate via postal mail within 10-15 business days. IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are NOT required to purchase anything from this company and the company is NOT affiliated, endorsed, or approved by any governmental entity. The item offered in this advertisement has NOT been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and this offer is NOT being made by an agency of the government. If you need to obtain your certificate number sooner, you may chose to expedite your application.

Florida Sales and Use Tax

(State Resale Certificate)

  • Purchase good without paying sales tax
  • Purchase from wholesalers
  • Resell services
  • Use with rentals

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